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Urology Urology
Urology A urinary bag is used to collect urine around the clock. This bag can be hung and is a non-patient model.  
Dentistry Dentistry
Dentistry Dental needles with different length scales allow easy injection of anesthetic into the patient's gums using a dental syringe  
Dialysis Dialysis
Dialysis Dialysis filter is a medical device that plays an important and fundamental role in the practice of hemodialysis. Dialysis filter produced by Hilal Iran Medical Equipment Company has hollow and semi-permeable fibers  
Cardiovascular Cardiovascular
Cardiovascular Cardiac fixation and stabilization kit, SPAYA cardiac tissue stabilizer for use in coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG)  
Drug injection Drug injection
Drug injection Used for direct injection of drugs, food and other fluids into the bloodstream or for diagnostic purposes.  
Blood injection Blood injection
Blood injection Blood transfusions and their derivatives are used to treat some patients, such as patients with thalassemia  

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More than a thousand individuals, including special patients, transplant recipients, cancer patients, MS patients, and the
Rendering pharmaceutical services, registration of patients’ prescriptions, and importation, clearance and delivery of single-prescription medicines to patients have been continuously carried out,...
17 April 2024

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