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Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. truly proceeds with producing strategic products
Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has produced 9 million syringes in the current month of Iranian calendar year (22 June-17 July)
MPO produced over 316K sodium bicarbonate bags
MPO's Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has produced more than 316k sodium bicarbonate bags since the beginning of Iranian year started on 21 March 2021
Soha Helal supplies, distributes required strategic pharmaceutical items
Distribution of required medicines across the country, especially to the deprived areas, is among the important priorities for Soha Helal Distribution Co.
Joint meeting of IRCS president with MPO's managing director, deputies, managers
The joint meeting was held in presence of IRCS president and MPO's managing director/ development of products was emphasized
Soha Pharmaceutical Co. manufactured more than 25m pharmaceutical items
Soha Pharmaceutical Co. has done its utmost to reduce demands by developing its activities in manufacturing human medicines
IRCS manufactured 230K dialysis filters
MPO's Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has manufactured 230k dialysis filters as of 2 Oct 2021 to 6 Nov 2021. Helal Iran Medical Devices Co. has developed manufacturing of dialysis filters in order to meet patients undergoing hemodialysis procedure.
MPO's managing director: Increase in syringes production for comprehensive vaccination
Referring to the widespread vaccination across the country, we have put the increase of production in syringes needed for Covid-19 vaccination on the top of the agenda in MPO's Helal Iran Medical Devices Co., said Dr. Alireza Askari, MPO's managing director
MPO's medical devices unit supplies, distributes chemotherapy ports
MPO's medical devices unit has made chemotherapy ports available to patients with cancer and ostomy

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