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Crescent Medical Equipment Co. of Iran is composed of three separate laboratories (chemistry, physics and microbiology) and quality control  unit during production which utilizes scientific and practical experience of specialized and experienced personnel using modern laboratory equipment of all raw materials. Produces comprehensive and accurate tests during production and final products sampled according to the latest sampling methods and issues entry to the next stage if the results comply with national and international standards.

 Preparation and adjustment of test guidelines and test methods in accordance with European and American Pharmacopoeia (BP, USP) and world standards and preparation and formulation of factory standards. GC, performing specific product performance tests, sterilization tests, and measuring endotoxin levels on end products for particle testing, plating in production halls, planning for disinfection of production halls to create a Clean Room, measuring needles sharpness using device Melab other experimental activities is considered.

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The experts in this part of the factory attend various medical centers directly from the opinions of patients, medical personnel, physicians and consumers and use their constructive opinions to improve the quality of the products and use statistical techniques of satisfaction. Customers are graphically analyzed and tracked with constant refinements to produce the best they can






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