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How are dialysis filters distributed?

The type and number of dialysis filters is according to the need of dialysis centers in the country and the mutual contracts.


What reference should I refer to If I need more Dialysis Filter?

  By sending an official request explaining the increase in the quantity.


In case I having defection on products, how to report?

Send a written letter or E-Mail to the customer complaints site along with the BNO registration number on the back of the product packaging, indicating the type of complaint to investigate. Complaints cannot be traced if the BNO is not sent and the product cannot be processed.


What does a BNO number represent?

BNO (Manufacturing Series) is the abbreviation for BATCH NUMBER products, which is a guide to the type of raw materials, production time, production personnel, etc. In general, BNO is used to track the product.


There is fluid on some needles, what is that?

 For ease of needle movement, all types of needles are impregnated with a medical grade liquid called silicon. It is not harmful as it has a medical grade

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